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Foreword by John Mark Lambertson
Editorial Procedures
Part One: Excitement and Preparation, 1849: 
          1. The California Excitement
Part Two: Five Months Westward by Land, 1850:
          2. Clayton, Ill. to St. Joseph, Mo.
          3. Nebraska District to Pacific Springs
          4. Central Cutoffs to Raft River
          5. Western California Trail
          6. First Impressions of California
Part Three: Life in California, 1850-1852:
          7. Tilling Soil in San Joaquin Valley
Part Four: One Month Eastward by Water, 1852:
          8. San Francisco, Calif. to New York, N.Y
Life of James Campbell
Life of David Lee Campbell
Appendix A: Lists from James Campbell's Diary
Appendix B: 1850 Diarists In Close Proximity to Campbells
Appendix C: Inventory of Campbell Letters, Gold Rush Period
Appendix D: Sketch of Hardships Endured by Those Who Crossed The Plains in '46
Appendix E: Memoirs of Travel, 1852
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